Waterloo missing boy diver

Police crews have been scouring the Nith River in New Hamburg since Thursday for five-year-old Robbie Reiner. (Linda Ward/CBC)

The recovery mission for five-year-old Robbie Reiner continues Monday in New Hamburg after divers from the Ontario Provincial Police wrapped up yet another fruitless day of searching the Nith River on Sunday.

Staff Sgt. Shaena Morris of the Waterloo Regional Police Service said search efforts have been slowed down by the river's fast current.

"It is very difficult for divers clearly to search such a large, fast body of water. The current is strong, there's environmental conditions, there's safety issues that they must be aware of all times and that they need to work around."

Emergency crews began scouring the area on Thursday afternoon when Reiner was first reported missing by his family. He'd apparently left his parents' home and headed toward the river.

Rescue workers had found footprints leading to a hole in the ice by the river's edge, with no footprints heading back. It's believed the boy fell into the river.

Police on Friday deemed the search a recovery mission after medical staff concluded there was no chance of survival for the boy in the freezing waters of the Nith.