A group of Grade 4 students in Toronto is trying to help make a Syrian teen — who was stuck in a detention centre in solitary confinement for three weeks — feel more welcome in his new home.

The 16-year-old boy was set to be deported from the detention centre until Immigration Minister John McCallum stepped in and cancelled the order.

Demari letter

Demari's letter wished Mohammed a wonderful year in Canada. (CBC)

The teen can only be identified by his first name, Mohammed, for safety reasons. 

Tyler letter to syrian teen toronto

Like many of the grade 4 students, Tyler drew a picture of himself and Mohammed in his letter. (CBC)

alicia student letter to syrian teen

Alicia, another student at in the class, took part in the letter-writing. (Mary Wiens/CBC)

After an awful beginning in Canada, Mohammed today will start his first day of school in the High Park area, and hopefully on a brighter note.

Rahma letter to syrian teen toronto

Rahma wrote that Mohammed is 'super awesome.' (CBC)

The Grade 4 class at Roland Michener Public School in Ajax, and their teacher Perry Milbury, hope the letters provide him with some cheer on the big day.

student letter to syrian teen toronto

Another student's letter included a drawing of a snowman saying 'you're a part of us.' (CBC)

Milbury heard about the teen's plight on CBC Radio when he was on his way to teach at the school. He thought maybe his students could help.

Muhammad letter

Student Muhammad's letter also included drawings of himself and Mohammed. (CBC)

Milbury got in touch with Mary Jo Leddy, the founder of Romero House, which was housing Mohammed until he was taken in by a local family.

Milbury decided to ask his students how they thought they could help in a class unit called 'Making a Difference'. The class decided that letters of hope and kindness might brighten the teen's day.

Christopher letter

Christopher wrote that he hopes Mohammed can one day reunite with his family. (CBC)

Leddy told Milbury that Mohammed likes math and swimming. They encouraged the students not to bring up his detention since it could be upsetting for Mohammed.