Sarah Polley's new drama casts Toronto in idealized light

Canadian actor and director Sarah Polley speaks to CBC about the release of her new drama, Take This Waltz.
Filmmaker Sarah Polley explores a young wife's attraction to a new man in her second feature, Take This Waltz, which many are incorrectly convinced is autobiographical, she tells CBC's Nigel Hunt. 4:38

Canadian actor and director Sarah Polley spoke to CBC about the release of her new drama Take This Waltz.

Opening Friday in Toronto, the film stars two-time Academy Award–nominee Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, known for The 40-year-old Virgin and Knocked Up, and Sarah Silverman of The Sarah Silverman Program.

Toronto is featured prominently in the film "as I see it, in its most romanticized, idealized light," says Polley.

Sarah Polley's sophomore directorial effort Take This Waltz opens in Toronto on Friday. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

The drama, which takes the title from a song by Canadian poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, revolves around the life of 28-year-old writer Margot (Williams), who is married to Lou (Rogen), a cookbook author.

When Margot meets a neighbour named Daniel (Luke Kirby), their mutual attraction is almost immediate. This tangled relationship leads her to question the value and sustainability of long-term relationships and causes her to struggle to choose between her husband and a man she's just met.