Canadian actor and director Sarah Polley spoke to CBC about the release of her new drama Take This Waltz.

Opening Friday in Toronto, the film stars two-time Academy Award–nominee Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, known for The 40-year-old Virgin and Knocked Up, and Sarah Silverman of The Sarah Silverman Program.

Toronto is featured prominently in the film "as I see it, in its most romanticized, idealized light," says Polley.


Sarah Polley's sophomore directorial effort Take This Waltz opens in Toronto on Friday. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

The drama, which takes the title from a song by Canadian poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, revolves around the life of 28-year-old writer Margot (Williams), who is married to Lou (Rogen), a cookbook author.

When Margot meets a neighbour named Daniel (Luke Kirby), their mutual attraction is almost immediate. This tangled relationship leads her to question the value and sustainability of long-term relationships and causes her to struggle to choose between her husband and a man she's just met.