Roya Parsi called her slain husband, Sina, the "love of my life" as she awaited the bail hearing of the two suspects accused of first-degree murder in his death.

Sabrina Chouart and Clyde Marshall have been charged with first-degree murder following their arrest yesterday in Niagara Falls, Toronto police said. The pair appeared briefly in a Toronto court this afternoon, and are set to return by video link on July 3.

Investigators said early Tuesday that the two were arrested without incident by Niagara Regional Police at 9:30 p.m. ET Monday at a Walmart store, where they had been spotted by shoppers.

Chouart, 27, of Gatineau, Que., and Marshall, 36, were the subject of a nationwide manhunt for two weeks following the death of 32-year-old Sina Parsi — whose remains were found in a Toronto apartment following his disappearance on June 9. 

The nature of their relationship with Parsi is not known. 

Marshall, who now has a moustache, wore an orange jumpsuit as he arrived in court.

Chouart was dressed in a white jumpsuit and stared straight ahead as she arrived at the courthouse.

There had been numerous unconfirmed sightings across the country during the search — from British Columbia to northern Ontario — but it turns out the couple weren't far from their Toronto home.

Parsi described as 'wonderful man'

Roya Parsi wasn't planning on speaking at the impromptu news conference, but did make an emotional statement.

'He was everything to me. I miss him so, so much.' - Roya Parsi, Sina Parsi's wife

"It means a lot to me," she said of the arrest of Chouart and Marshall.

She said during the manhunt she felt "unsure," if the suspects would be caught, and "frustrated" that they had managed to elude police.

She also spoke about her husband, who she called a "wonderful man."

"He was everything to me. I miss him so, so much," she said. 

Her lawyer, Geoff Pollock, described Sina Parsi as a passionate soccer player and fan. He also took the time to thank Det. Sgt. Michael Patterson, who has worked with the family throughout the investigation.

Father relieved 

Chouart's father, Martial Chouart, said he was "relieved" to find out Tuesday the pair had been tracked down.

"I was worried for her well-being," he said from his home in La Pêche, Que. "Besides that, I can imagine there might be a little bit of relief for the Parsi family, that at least something's been done."

Last week, Chouart issued an emotional plea, urging his daughter to turn herself in.

On Tuesday, he described how he felt as the story unfolded, saying: "It's a numb feeling — you watch things unroll, you feel numb. [You think] 'It's not my daughter. It can't be her.'"

The arrest announcement comes a day after Patterson held a news conference to release video footage of the suspects for the second time in recent weeks, urging them to come forward.

"There's only one way to end this properly and that is by turning yourself in," he said. "Get yourself a lawyer, take their advice, and come in and talk to me."

With files from Linda Ward and Canadian Press