Toronto Coun. Doug Ford is accusing the city's police of seeking revenge after detectives attempted to serve Mayor Rob Ford with a subpoena to testify in the extortion case of the mayor's friend and former driver, Alexander (Sandro) Lisi.

"It's payback," said the mayor's brother, who is manager of Rob Ford's re-election campaign.

"You wonder why we need a change at the top? This is why we need a change at the top," continued Ford, referring to Chief Bill Blair, whose contract is not being renewed.

Doug Ford said the police went to the media before telling the mayor about the subpoena. He mockingly suggested the police enlist the Toronto Star to serve the mayor the subpoena.

Ford said Blair "condones this behaviour from his department."

'What you guys are talking about is not news.' — Rob Ford to reporters

Mayor Ford will be subpoenaed to testify as a witness in the Lisi hearing, which takes place in November or December. The mayor could be asked to answer for some of the details unveiled in the police surveillance documents affiliated with the Project Brazen 2 investigation into a series of guns and gangs raids called Project Traveller. The mayor was featured prominently in the surveillance.

Rob Ford later brushed off reporters' questions, saying the impending subpoena was "not news." 

"This is not even news," Ford said. "It might be news to you guys." 

The mayor, appearing to grow irritated as the scrum continued, said taxpayers are more concerned with curbing spending at city hall. 

"The average taxpayer wants to see their money saved," said Ford. "I've said what I have to say. What you guys are talking about is not news."

"You can scream in my ear all you want," he added. 

Detectives want to talk to Ford in connection with the case, but the mayor has refused to speak to the police. A meeting was set up Thursday so police could serve the mayor with a subpoena, but the meeting was cancelled when the media learned of it.

In the witness box, Ford would be tested under oath, and could face perjury charges if he doesn't answer truthfully.

The mayor and his brother have had an adversarial relationship with the police since the investigation. Mayor Ford was caught on video disparaging the chief this spring.

Blair had sought a third term as police chief but his contract was not renewed.

Project Brazen 2 was a months-long investigation triggered by reports of a video allegedly showing Ford smoking crack, included surveillance on land, from the air and interviews with a series of former Ford staffers, police have said.

Details about the investigation are contained in a nearly 500-page police document related to the Lisi case. The document was filed by police in an effort to obtain a search warrant that resulted in Lisi's arrest on drug charges.

Ford previously has said that he is confident that he will not be arrested in relation to the crack video. 

"I knew I did nothing wrong," said Ford about the charges.

Since returning to work from rehab at the end of June, the mayor has vowed to end his relationship with Lisi.