A Toronto City Hall security guard filed a formal complaint against Rob Ford last month after the mayor allegedly threatened a former employee on St. Patrick's Day, according to an incident report obtained on Friday.

The complaint marks the second time Ford has been accused of bad behaviour at city hall on a St. Patrick's Day. 

In 2012, he roamed the halls with a half-empty bottle of St.-Remy brandy, according to security.

In this year's incident, the mayor is alleged to have made threats against the security guard who filed the 2012 report. That guard is no longer on security detail at city hall.

"Mayor Rob Ford then suddenly made remarks about the security guard who reported the mayor's behaviour at city hall on St. Patrick's Day two years earlier," the report reads, noting the mayor's speech was slurred and disorganized. (See below for the report.)

"Mayor Ford mentioned that he, 'was going to get that security guy who wrote the report.' Mayor Ford stated repeatedly that he knew that 'you guys have a job to do. Yeah, but you can't do that to me, man. You can't to me, c'mon.'"

Ford is later quoted as saying: "What, you didn't think I would find out? I am going to get him you mark my words!"

He then said he was, "going to meet Bieber," a reference to pop star Justin Bieber. According to a recent report in The Toronto Star, Ford had a run-in with Bieber that evening at the nightclub Muzik. 

The mayor, who this week took a leave from city hall saying he was going to seek professional help for alcohol use, arrived at city hall at 5:06 p.m. on March 17. He entered his office minutes later and did not emerge until he left the front doors of the building at 10:27 p.m., according to the report.

He stayed around Nathan Phillips Square for approximately 12 minutes before getting into a cab.

He was photographed before getting into a cab that night, apparently swearing and slurring his words.