Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walked past reporters at city hall Wednesday morning with no comment after a report published in the Toronto Star claiming Ford shoved, fought and was verbally abusive with other rehab residents at GreeneStone, a rehabilitation centre north of the city.

The Star story described Ford’s behaviour at the Muskoka, Ont., area rehab centre as “disruptive” which contrasted Ford’s own words on his two-month stint there.

In an interview with CBC’s Dwight Drummond on last week, Ford said, “Thank God for GreeneStone, they saved my life.”

Ford blamed his bad behaviour, such as making sexist and homophobic comments in numerous videos, on his drug use, which he said began long before he was mayor but is the reason he finally went to rehab.

"[When using drugs] you do things, you say things that just aren't you. I take full responsibility.… All I can do is apologize and deal with this disease. This is an everyday battle that I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. This is the beginning of a long, long journey.”