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Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz said comments Rob Ford made about her a few months were "gross," but the two met Thursday after the Toronto mayor's two-month rehab stint, and seem to have settled things. (Canadian Press)

Rob Ford and Karen Stintz had a private meeting today to discuss inappropriate comments the Toronto mayor made about the councillor and rival candidate in a west-end bar in April.

After Thursday's meeting, Stintz told CBC News she "considers the matter closed."

Ford was surreptitiously recorded telling a group at Sullie Gorman's bar in suburban Etobicoke that he would like to have sex with Stintz but she refused. He used more offensive language at the time.

"Rob Ford's comments are gross," said Stintz after the recording came to light.

She also called the comments "misogynistic".

Almost directly after the incident, Ford went to GreeneStone rehabilitation centre for about two months of alcohol and substance addiction treatment.

On his first speech back from rehab, Ford apologized to Stintz publicly. 

"To my fellow councillors and especially to Karen Stintz, for my hurtful and degrading remarks, I offer a deep-felt apology for my behaviour," Ford said.

Stintz replied by saying the mayor should call her.

"If the mayor wants to apologize to me, he's got my number and he can call. It's a private matter for him to discuss with me directly," she said at the time.

A week and four days later, that appears to have happened.

Ford and Stintz have other outstanding issues, however, such as an allegation that Stintz is involved in a stolen voter's list from the mayor's office.

Stintz and Ford are among about 50 candidates vying for the mayor's job in the Oct. 27 election.