Rob Ford's Jimmy Kimmel appearance applauded by Fords

Doug Ford insists that American audiences are laughing with Rob Ford, not at him, after the Toronto mayor made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a late-night talk show on ABC.

'The audience went bananas for Rob, they loved him,' Coun. Doug Ford says

Toronto reacts to Mayor Ford's Jimmy Kimmel appearance. 3:10

Both Rob and Doug Ford had nothing but good things to say about Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, a day after the Toronto mayor made an appearance on Kimmel's late-night talk show on ABC. 

"That was a walk in the park compared to you guys," Mayor Rob Ford told Toronto reporters after returning from Los Angeles, where the show is taped.

The mayor was ridiculed by Kimmel for months before Monday's appearance. When Toronto's mayor was in the interview chair, the jokes at his expense continued.

Kimmel made fun of Ford's weight, perspiration, drug use, behaviour inside and outside of council chambers and his general appearance. For instance, "Why are you dressed like a magician?" was the first question the comedian asked Ford, who wore a black suit, black shirt and a red tie with a red pocket square.

But the mayor had a different impression of the interview.

"I'm getting a lot of support. Was it a tough interview? Sure it was," said Ford. "I knew I was going into the lion's den."

Overall, Ford said the response he's been getting after the interview has been positive. He said many viewers were surprised to learn how much money he says he's saved Toronto.

When asked about Kimmel's suggestion that he see someone about his personal issues, the mayor replied, "I don't have any personal issues."

Coun. Doug Ford insisted Tuesday that American audiences are laughing with his brother, not at him.

"Jimmy Kimmel — nice guy. Compared to the Toronto media, that was like a church picnic," said the councillor about his brother's appearance on the show.

"The only thing we're disappointed about," Ford continued, "is that we wanted to pump Toronto more."

"The audience went bananas for Rob, they loved him," his brother said. "Texts were coming through, phone calls were coming through, saying: 'Hey, that was positive.'"

At the end of the interview, Kimmel urged the mayor to seek help if he has a substance abuse problem. "That's Jimmy's opinion," said Doug Ford in response. "Rob's looking very healthy."

He added that his brother was exercising, while he and his other brother, Randy, slept in a hotel.

The councillor said that behind the scenes, Kimmel was a gracious host.

He also defended the trip to California as a way to promote the city. 

"We went down there ... on our own dime, unlike the councillors who roam around the world on the back of the taxpayers," he said.


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