Coun. Rob Ford is undergoing chemotherapy for two tumours attached to his bladder, not one as initially reported, his brother Doug Ford says.

The former mayor visited the hospital "several times" this week and is undergoing additional tests, according to a statement from his office. He has been admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital, the statement said.

According to the statement, they "still do not have definitive test results indicating if there is any organ involvement, or the size of the tumours." 

Last week, the councillor and his brother, Doug Ford, announced the discovery of a new tumour, revealing Rob Ford had been in "excruciating pain" for several weeks.

At the time, Doug Ford said the tumour appeared "consistent with the previous tumour." However, Rob Ford later said they were still awaiting biopsy results to determine whether the new tumour is malignant. 

"We're praying that it's benign, but you gotta deal with the realistic part of things, and I'm 99 per cent sure it's malignant," he said last week.

Ford underwent surgery in May to remove a large cancerous tumour from his abdomen.