Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is brushing aside complaints he violated city election rules by filming a campaign video in the mayor's office.

In the video called "What Customer Service Excellence Means to Me," Ford is seen in his office and driving around with a man who appears to be his city communications officer.

Questions have been raised about whether the video violates campaign rules regarding use of the city's resources.

According to municipal election policy on use of city resources during an election, city facilities, including the mayor's office, may not be used in "any form of campaigning," and that "photographic or video materials which have been or may be created by city employees or with city resources must not be used in any campaign materials."

Ford responded to the criticism of the video by saying, "That's Rob Ford working."

The mayor said he responds to every phone call and the video shows that. If that is a violation of campaign rules, said Ford, "It's not up to me to determine that."

Ford joked that if there is a complaint to the integrity commissioner, it wouldn't be the first. "I must keep the integrity commissioner employed," he joked.

He shook his head over integrity complaints about his campaign.

"They're frivolous. It's political," he said.

Coun. Doug Ford, who is running his brother's campaign, did not deny the campaign video broke any rules. "It shows the mayor doing what he does, day in and day out," said Ford.

In an earlier version of the video, when Ford is seen dialing numbers, a name and phone number are visible. An edited version posted three hours after the initial video blurs the name and number on the phone.