The second batch of the much-coveted Rob Ford bobble head dolls will go on sale today at Toronto city hall, just in time for last-minute Christmas shoppers.

The so-called "Robbie Bobbies" are priced at $20 and will feature a different wardrobe from Ford bobble heads that sold out in a matter of hours last month.

About 1,000 of the dolls will go on sale at noon in the city hall rotunda with a strict limit of one per customer.

eBay seller asking $500 for second-edition Ford bobble head

When the first batch went on sale in November, people anxious to get their hands on the novelty item began arriving at 5 a.m. and the line snaked around the inside of city hall. The dolls also soon appeared on eBay and Kijiji for prices of up to $500 each.

On Friday, one enterprising eBay seller had already posted a listing for the newest Rob Ford bobble head while he was standing in the line to purchase the doll.  

"I'm currently standing 8th in line at city hall in Toronto.  And have been here since 6 a.m.," reads the listing posted by eBay user themoneycartel. "My entire morning of waiting for this bobblehead will be your gain!"

He's posted an asking price of $500.


Rob Ford bobblehead dolls were a hot commodity in November and will go back on sale at city hall on Friday. (Tony Smyth/CBC)

"Message me to end the auction early, and pay me, and I will personally get Rob to sign whatever you would like on the box of the bobblehead."

The sale of the 1,000 first edition Robbie Bobbies generated more than $12,000 for United Way Toronto, and proceeds from the second edition are to go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Toronto's embattled mayor, who admitted to having smoked crack cocaine and was stripped of much of his mayoral power last month, has been one of the world's biggest newsmakers this year.

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