Residents protest increased traffic at island airport

Worried about the safety of children and pedestrians, a group of concerned residents held a protest to compalin about the increased traffic around the Billy Bishop Airport.
Residents who live near the Island airport say traffic in the area poses a safety hazard. 2:01

Some people who live near Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport say they're fed up with all the traffic they have to deal with on a daily basis.

The airport is located on the Toronto islands, just south of downtown Toronto.

The residents say the taxi traffic is out of control and crossing the streets in the neighbourhood is getting more and more dangerous.

On Friday some parents joined the local crossing guard and held up a banner, which in turn held up traffic.

Kathy Exner, one of the protesters who has a child at the local daycare, explained that the congestion is making it dangerous for everyone.

"[Drivers are] running lights, cutting corners, children were almost getting hit," she said.

Daycare worker Jane Deng worries about crossing from the daycare to the park across the street.

"Lately it's been really scary," she said.

As well as the daycare there are two schools in the area.

Jeff Wilson, president and CEO of the Toronto Port Authority, which runs the airport, says measure are being taken.

He says the TPA has been working with city hall and local residents to calm the traffic down. There are more police officers in the area and more port authority security guards.

Wilson says there are also plans for an off-street taxi corral.