Residents ask: Who is responsible for flooding our apartments?

Residents in three Toronto apartment buildings suffered serious damage over the Thanksgiving weekend after a water main broke, but so far no one has admitted to breaking the pipe.

'I am totally stressed out. I haven't been into work since'

Damaged furniture sits outside the apartment buildings on Woodward Avenue. (CBC)

About a dozen tenants in three Toronto apartment buildings are homeless after a water main broke and flooded their apartments.

Some say they have lost everything and still don't know who to contact for compensation.  There's even a question over who was responsible for breaking the pipe.

But outside the apartments at 141 and 143 Woodward Ave., near Jane Street and Highway 401, the evidence of the damage is everywhere. There are beds, televisions, sofas — all ruined and left in the garbage.

The flood happened just before Thanksgiving.

"The bathtub was backing up black, awful stuff — and from there the hall started filling up with water — and we were here the whole day waiting outside," said Jeannie Jacquard. She and her husband lost everything.

She says it's been a nightmare trying to get answers. 

"We have reached out to so many people and nobody has come forth," she said. 

"I lost both of my cats, I had to give them up," said Wayne Steele. 

Now staying with his neighbours, Steele is devastated.

"All I have been getting is the run around. I am totally stressed out. I haven't been into work since." 

Residents say they've contacted their city councillor, Frances Nunziata, but city staff say they have had no official complaints.

The people affected by the flood say they think Enbridge or one of its contractors was responsible.

But Enbridge told CBC News it wasn't even aware there was a problem.

"We're in the process of reaching out to the city and looking into this further," said spokesperson Chris Meyer.

Enbridge says so far there is no confirmation that it or its contractors were in the neighbourhood.