Three men have been rescued from a swing stage suspended outside the 23rd floor of a Toronto highrise for four hours at  Bay Street and Queen Street West.

"They were cold but they were fine," Toronto Fire Squad Captain Peter Hayes told reporters not long after the men were rescued.

Nearly 20 firefighters were called in around 5:50 p.m. to take part in the rescue at the Arcadian Court, located at 401 Bay St. The rescuers requested a high-powered saw and a ladder and eventually got to the men by breaking a window beneath them and pulling them to safety.

The workers had been using a cell phone to communicate with the firefighters.  It's unclear exactly why the men were stuck there for so long before calling for help.

"Apparently there was a mechanical problem with the swing stage," Hayes said. "As far as we know there was an electrician on the roof trying to get it going. He changed some fuses but unfortunately it didn't work."

All four lanes on Queen Street West near Bay Street have been reopened to traffic after being closed as the team co-ordinated the rescue.