Reminder: Throwing snow on the road a no-no in Toronto

Toronto residents are being reminded not to shovel snow onto freshly plowed roads.
If you decide to throw snow from your driveway on to the road in Toronto, you could face a fine if a bylaw officer catches you doing it. (Rodrique Ngowi/Associated Press)

Toronto residents are being reminded not to shovel snow onto freshly plowed roads.

The weekend snowstorm dumped 15 to 20 centimetres on most parts of Toronto, which led to the expected dispatch of snowplows to clear away what Mother Nature had dropped on city streets.

It also forced homeowners to get out snow shovels to clear out their driveways.

Peter Noehammer, the city’s director of transportation services, said residents should be aware that they could face a fine if they don’t follow the rules when disposing of their snow.

"When you’re out shovelling your own driveway or walkway, don’t put that snow back out onto the roadway," Noehammer told CBC News in a telephone interview on Sunday.

"Not only does it make it look as if there is snow there if we’ve already plowed it, but it’s also dangerous and puts snow back out and makes it more dangerous for people."

Noehammer said that people who choose to throw their snow onto the street could face a $360 fine if city bylaw officers "catch the infraction."


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