A new effort to ease traffic congestion on major routes in and out of the city began this week.

Real-time traffic information will now appear on electronic signs on the Gardiner Expressway, Don Valley Parkway and Lake Shore Boulevard, providing drivers with the latest updates on commute times.

The pilot project is among several measures in the city’s five-year plan to reduce congestion. Currently, 11 signs have been installed, and seven more are expected to be in place later this year.

City councillor Denzil Mennan-Wong, chair of the city’s public works committee, says that ultimately the system will give drivers the information they need to get where they’re going, more quickly.

“If they have choice they can plan their journey home better. If the Gardiner’s rammed, they can go on an alternative street,” he said.

“There is not one silver bullet that is going to ease congestion. It’s a whole number of things that little by little is going to make it better.”

Not everyone is convinced the measure will be effective enough, however. Sebastian Birmingham, who commutes to Toronto from Whitby, says it’s not a long-term solution for the traffic congestion that plagues GTA drivers.

“It’s a good idea but I think they should spend more time on fixing the traffic problem, instead of telling us how long it take to get here,” Birmingham said.

In addition to commute times the signs will continue to display information on about traffic incidents such closures and construction.