The clock ran out in the fourth quarter and the Toronto Raptors found themselves just a point behind the Brooklyn Nets.

Unfortunately, it was the fourth quarter of Game 7, which meant that the Raptors’ season came to an end with a 104-103 loss on Sunday.

Raptors fans react during Game 7

Toronto Raptors fans are seen during the final seconds of Game 7, which saw the team lose by a single point to the Brooklyn Nets. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

The shock registered on the faces of fans who were watching the game inside the Air Canada Centre, as well of those who gathered to watch Game 7 on a big screen at Maple Leaf Square.

Some of the fans who spoke to CBC News in the immediate aftermath of the loss used words like "heartbroken" and "terrible" to describe the personal feelings of seeing the Raptors come so close to a win.

But Raptor fans seemed proud of what they had done, given the hundreds of supportive tweets that poured out after the loss.

Amir Johnson in playoff Game 7

The Raptors fought hard on Sunday, but a win was not in the cards for them in Game 7. With the Nets’ win, the Raptors’ season comes to an end. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

David MacIntyre tweeted that he was proud of the fact that the Raptors "never quit," writing that he felt the team had "plenty to build on for the years to come."

That potential was on the mind of many fans, like Barrie's Jennifer McCloskey who said "the team blew everyone’s minds." She finished her tweet with a hashtagged #NextYear, in addition to the #WeTheNorth hashtag that hundreds of fans were tweeting.

But fans were equally impressed with what happened this year — including on Sunday.

BKN Raptors Nets 20140504

Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey and rapper Drake react near the end of the Raptors loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

Joaqui Fernandez summed it up as: "Good run, greater season. Heads up, Raps!!"

And in terms of Game 7, Jon Cada of Blind River, Ont., tweeted that the Dinos "left it all on the court and gave fans more than we expected."

Angelo Gio Mateo of Mississauga tweeted that the bottom line was that the Raptors made him proud:

The Raptors were also drawing support from local politicians, like Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly who said that the team "played their hearts out."

He also tweeted a follow-up message, referencing the stressful final minutes of the game, which saw the Raptors come close, but not close enough to claim victory.

Former Toronto Centre MP Bob Rae congratulated the team "for a great season and a fantastic effort."

Even the prime minister was watching the outcome of the Raptors’ final game of the season:

Including this year’s series with the Nets, the Raptors have made it to the playoffs on six occasions. The team has only made it to the second round once.