A Toronto raccoon seemingly sought sophistication in its Wednesday morning escapade and crept into an art classroom at R.H. King Academy. 

Mark Tufford, an art teacher at the Scarborough high school, arrived at work shortly after 8 a.m. to prepare for the day.

He opened the windows and left the room, only to return to the critter perched on a desk, "looking at me."

"It was mostly disbelief," Tufford said of the sight. "It was definitely a story to tell."

"He was sitting on a table. I could see him clearly through the window of the door."

Tufford locked the classroom door and informed the main office.

"The raccoon was terrified," he said.

"King" the raccoon later sought refuge in a supplies cabinet, Tufford said.

"That was the raccoon sort of trying to evade capture. It took the high ground."

Animal services arrived to see the critter out.

Alas, there were no raccoon masterpieces left behind.

"He did not have time to get into the paint," Tufford said.

These green bin scavengers have scurried into several adventures in Toronto lately.

A free ride 


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A morning commute

raccoon on spadina subway

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