A snake made a break for it at a home in Midland, Ont., on the weekend, but local police managed to get their reptile.

Snake found in Midland, Ont., family's home

This snake was found and later captured from the living room of a home in Midland, Ont. Police believe it is likely someone's escaped pet. (Submitted by Stephen Sagar)

A homeowner called police after finding a large snake had coiled itself up in her living room.

Police and animal control officers arrived, but the suspected Burmese python tried to "seek refuge under a large couch," police said.

However, it was captured without incident or injury.

Stephen Sagar said his wife was at home with their 10-year-old son who spotted the snake on Sunday.

Sagar said the family is getting ready to move out of the home where they have lived for the past seven years.

"How the snake got in? Nobody knows," he told CBC News in a telephone interview on Monday.

Police believe the three-metre-long snake was a pet, even though such pets are not allowed in Midland. They are trying to figure out who its owner is.

More than two decades ago, a Brampton, Ont., man died after being asphyxiated by his pet Burmese python.