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  • Friday January 08, 2016

    Audio Hockey birthplace

    It's our national game, but where exactly is the birthplace of hockey? Several cities including Kingston lay claim to the title. Only one uses the copyrighted phrase though Windsor, Nova Scotia.

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  • Thursday January 07, 2016

    Audio Crisis Centre London

    People in crisis in London have a new resource to call upon. Instead of long waits at the local hospital emergency department ,they'll be able to go to a Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Centre.

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  • Thursday January 07, 2016

    Audio Workplace stress

    Stress is a constant in many people's lives. And much of it is work-related. Dr. David Posen has investigated. He's the author of "Is Work Killing You? - A Doctor's Prescription for Treating Workplace Stress".

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  • Wednesday January 06, 2016

    Audio No fly list

    How does a child end up on a no-fly list? That's a question a number of Ontario parents are asking,but they're finding it difficult to get answers from officials.

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  • Tuesday January 05, 2016

    Audio Stolen Nutcrackers

    Thorndale resident Kelly Elgie and nutcracker collector received two handmade nutcrackers from her husband just before Christmas. But her excitement didn't last for long someone snatched the statues from the family's front porch.

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  • Monday January 04, 2016

    Audio Port Hope refugees

    In the past few months, many local efforts were launched to help Syrian refugees start a new life in Ontario. Well, there's one in Port Hope, but with a special twist. We meet the founder and chairwoman of Northumberland Syrian Lifeline

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  • Thursday December 24, 2015

    Audio Loud Toys

    The pings. The dings. The squeaks and sirens. Normal seasonal sounds, right? Well we speak to an audiologist from St Thomas about the risks that some toys can pose to young ears.

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  • Wednesday December 23, 2015

    Audio Human trafficking

    Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in Ontario.We heard about one woman's story and talked to a local MPP.

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