If you're taking Line 2, the Bloor-Danforth subway, on Thursday morning, you may want to bring a cake and some candles, if you can squeeze them on.

The subway line that stretches more than 26 kilometres from Kipling station in the west to Kennedy station in the east — turns 50.

Keele Station 1964

From 1964, Keele Station looking east from above Keele Street. The Bloor Danforth line is now 50 years old, and officially called Line 2. (TTC)

It opened on February 25, 1966, amidst public debate over the best ways to transport people in the growing city region.

Not so different, perhaps, from today.

Sherbourne station from 1964

During the construction phase of the Bloor Danforth line, here is the east entrance to Sherbourne station from 1964. (TTC)

So with that in mind, from our CBC Archives, here's part of a 1966 CBC News Special on the then brand new subway line, and its effect on transit in the region.   

Bloor-Danforth line expands Toronto subway in 196628:16

Long-time CBC listeners will likely know that Terry Hargreaves's report was introduced by the late Alan Maitland. the former co-host of As It Happens, also known as Fireside Al for those of you who listen to The Shepherd on Christmas Eve.