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  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Specialized Schools

    Is there equity within our public school system? Matt Galloway spoke with Annie Kidder, she is the Executive Director of People for Education.

    Listen 8:51
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Basic Income

    The provincial government will try out the idea of providing a basic income to people with low incomes in three Ontario cities. Matt Galloway spoke with Helena Jaczek, she is Ontario's Minister of Community and Social Services.

    Listen 8:36
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Marijuana Possession

    How can legalization change the game for people facing criminal charges for possession of marijuana? Matt Galloway spoke with defence lawyer Kendra Stanyon.

    Listen 8:39
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Return Of Science Guy

    Matt Galloway spoke with our pop culture columnist, Jesse Wente.

    Listen 5:04
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Quarantine Tent

    Vaccines have eradicated several devastating diseases... but they have also erased how devastating those diseases can be from our minds. Today, Public Health Ontario is bringing the diseases back to life. Matt Galloway spoke with scientist Shelly Bolotin.

    Listen 6:42
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Common Law Tax

    Tax season is wrapping up, and financial planner Shannon Lee Simmons says she is hearing one question over and over, do I have to file as common law? Matt Galloway spoke with her this morning.

    Listen 6:09
  • Monday April 24, 2017

    Audio Run Is Over

    After a series of heart-stopping games, we can all take a breath, albeit a bit of a sad exhale. The Washington Capitols took out the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 6 of their series last night. Matt Galloway spoke with Sean Fitz-Gerald.

    Listen 7:46
  • Monday April 24, 2017

    Audio TDSB Art Schools

    A new study looking at arts-focused schools in the TDSB, finds students at these schools are dis-proportionally white and wealthy. Matt Galloway spoke with Ruben Gaztambide Fernandez, he is an associate professor at OISE.

    Listen 8:01

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