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  • Thursday July 28, 2016

    Audio Tech startups want government to fast-track visas

    A group of companies from the Canadian tech sector wants the government to speed up the visa approval process for foreign hires. Matt Galloway spoke with Allen Lau, CEO and co-founder of Wattpad.

    Listen 7:03
  • Thursday July 28, 2016

    Audio Swimmer on breaking Canadian record, going to Rio

    Matt Galloway spoke with Scarborough swimmer Javier Acevedo, who will make his Olympic debut at Rio 2016.

    Listen 6:29
  • Thursday July 28, 2016

    Audio Did the Ice Bucket Challenge work?

    Matt Galloway spoke with David Taylor, vice president of research at the ALS Society of Canada, about the major breakthrough the Ice Bucket Challenge is being credited with helping to fund.

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  • Thursday July 28, 2016

    Audio Design allegedly stolen by fashion giant

    Among those alleging that the fashion giant Zara has stolen their designs is Toronto's Crywolf. Matt Galloway spoke with co-owner Rose Chang. NOTE: Since the interview aired, a Zara representative has informed CBC News the company is investigating.

    Listen 5:37
  • Thursday July 28, 2016

    Audio Steel workers' retirement benefits

    Matt Galloway spoke with business commentator Michael Hlinka about a request by steelworkers for the immediate reinstatement of retirement benefits from their former employer, which is under bankruptcy protection.

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  • Thursday July 28, 2016

    Audio Growing mushrooms in space

    A group of Toronto students is on a mission to see if they can grow mushrooms in space. Matt Galloway spoke with one of them, Preet Kahlon, a medical physics student at Ryerson University.

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  • Wednesday July 27, 2016

    Audio LCBO Online

    If making a run to the LCBO seems like a laborious task, then you're in luck. Matt Galloway spoke with Charles Sousa, he is the province's Minister of Finance and MPP for Mississauga South.

    Listen 10:09
  • Wednesday July 27, 2016

    Audio Project Value

    Ing Wong-Ward says that she is working as a collaborator to make videos about people with disabilities, because she feels that disabled people are too often stereotyped and seen as different. Matt Galloway spoke with her this morning.

    Listen 6:30

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