Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was swarmed by Torontonians as he walked to city hall Wednesday morning, the crowd pushing up against his small entourage, smartphones raised in the air.

Some began shrieking at Trudeau's arrival, harkening back to the Trudeaumania the prime minister's father experienced in office. 

The prime minister took it in stride, waving at those who greeted him and calling back a hello.

Trudeau had a short meeting with Mayor John Tory Wednesday, with the mayor having said earlier he was hoping to talk about public transit and affordable housing.

The quick trip to city hall marks the first time a sitting prime minister has made an official visit there since amalgamation.

Some of the admirers tried to squeeze in a few questions while Trudeau was caught in the crowd.

"Justin, will you give us the right to grow our own cannabis plants?" one man yelled out, earning some laughter from his counterparts — but no answer.