Poster campaign urges public to 'save the subways'

A new ad campaign seeks to get Torontonians to "save the subways."

A new ad campaign seeks to get Torontonians to "save the subways."

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says it intends to run ads on city buses this week in North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough that cite the reasons why subways "are better" than light-rail transit.

"All evidence shows that in the long run, subways are far cheaper than LRT, they carry more people faster and they spur economic development," Matthew McGuire, the group’s president, told CBC News in a interview on Sunday.

Earlier this month, city council voted 25-18 in favour of a light rail-focused transit development plan that seemingly shut down Mayor Rob Ford’s vision of keeping a major Eglinton Avenue transit project below the road.

Ford later dismissed the vote as being "irrelevant," saying that he believes Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will stick with a deal previously struck to keep the forthcoming Eglinton line underground.

But McGuinty has said the province is running out of patience with the City of Toronto and its ongoing transit drama.

McGuire said his group, which has 450 members, opposes council’s "irresponsible decision," and they want subway supporters to sign a petition that asks the premier to hold a vote in the Ontario legislature on the issue.

The group plans to purchase ads this week with the intent of having them on buses shortly. They are also looking for members of the public to donate money so they can expand their media reach.

"We are going to use this money to buy more and more ads on buses," McGuire said.

"We want to get our message out to all subway supporters in the City of Toronto and through our ad campaign, this is what we’re doing."