Poochie the poodle taken away while owner paid for takeout

A Toronto man says that he briefly stepped inside a downtown roti store to pay for his takeout order and someone used the opportunity to steal his miniature poodle.

Toronto man went to pay for roti and someone stole his dog

A Toronto couple is pleading for help after their miniature poodle puppy was stolen outside a roti shop. 2:00

Someone took away Ross Logan's dog while he was getting takeout.

He went to a roti shop in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood at about 7:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Logan ordered his food and was waiting outside with his dog while the food was being prepared.

Ross Logan said his dog, Poochie, a 14-month-old miniature poodle, was stolen outside of a Toronto roti shop on Saturday night. (helpinglostpets.com)

"A man approached me…he asked if the roti shop was still open, I said yes," Logan told CBC News on Sunday. "He was in there for about a minute and as he left the store, I entered to pick up my food and then one of the staff members saw him bend down and pick up the dog, assuming he was the owner."

Logan's dog's name is Poochie and he's a 14-month-old miniature poodle. Logan shares him with his girlfriend.

He said only let Poochie out of his sight for 10 to 15 seconds, so that he could pay for the food.

Logan initially assumed that his dog had broken his collar, but upon realizing that nothing was attached to his leash, he "assumed the worst."

No one saw the man with Poochie on Queen Street West, or Dunn Avenue. As a result, Logan believes it is likely the man who took his dog went into a nearby building.

Ross Logan told CBC Toronto that someone managed to steal his dog Poochie, during a short period of time in which he was paying for some takeout at a roti shop in Parkdale. (CBC)

Logan's girlfriend, Jean Merrick, said she learned about what happened to Poochie when she was at work.

"I started freaking out and I had to try to get out of work as quickly as possible," said Merrick, who works as a server at a restaurant. "I managed to get out of there and come help him, just roam the streets, calling our dog's name."

Logan reported the theft to police, but he is "very worried" about his dog.

"He's got a home, he's very loved, he's a very important part of our family and just it tears you inside out not knowing where he is, if he's safe, if he’s being mistreated, if he's being treated well, if the plan is for him to be sold or if the plan is for him to be kept," said Logan.

"But, you know, he already has a very loving home and a loving family and we just want him to be returned."

Merrick is just as concerned about their dog.

"Poochie is like a child to me, so I would say the feeling is similar to, you know, losing someone you love, or them being kidnapped and that’s what’s happened to my dog and I don’t know if we’re ever going to see him again," she said.

Police are investigating the matter and Logan has put posters up, advising the public about the theft of his dog.

With files from the CBC's Neil Herland