A woman is dead and a man is in hospital after a double shooting outside a Toronto nightclub early Tuesday.

At about 3:12 a.m., paramedics were called to reports of shots fired outside the C Lounge nightclub at 456 Wellington St., just west of Spadina Avenue.

The female victim, 31-year-old Jelena Loncar from Niagara Falls, was shot once in the chest area and died in hospital. She worked as a server in Toronto. 

Jelena Loncar

Jelena Loncar died after being shot outside C Lounge nightclub early Tuesday morning. (Facebook)

The man, 25, was hit five or six times and is being treated in hospital. He was found conscious and breathing and is listed in serious condition.

"I can say that our male victim is known to police. Whether or not he has a criminal history, I do not know," Det. Robert Choe told reporters on Tuesday morning.

"All we know is they were in the vicinity of the bar at this point and we're trying to determine what ties they have to the event."

Police are collecting security footage from nearby businesses. 

The victims were found in two locations. The man was outside the Shell gas station at Spadina, about 150 metres east of the club. The woman was across the street.

Wellington Street near Draper Street was closed for part of Tuesday in both directions while police investigated.

Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact them.

'It was silent until the sirens came'

"She was not a patron. She had not been in the club," Pat Di Donato, vice president of the club's parent company, Liberty Entertainment Group, said of the female victim. "As far as I know she was just waiting outside. I don't know if she was waiting for somebody to come out." 

He said there is a surveillance camera on the front of the building. "So hopefully we will see if it was a drive-by [shooting]. Right now police are downloading the footage." 

Julianne Glatz lives on the same block as the club and says she sleeps with her sliding windows open every night. She woke up at 3 a.m. to the sound of "loud, boisterous" people leaving the club. 

"Then I heard a gunshot. I subsequently heard three more shots, and in between each shot there was about three seconds," she said. "Then, I was waiting for screams or some kind of emotional reaction. There were no screams, no one yelling. It was silent until the sirens came at 3:17 a.m."