Toronto police are asking for the public's assistance in finding two men who pistol-whipped and shot a pawn shop employee during a 2009 robbery.

Newly released surveillance footage from the evening of Feb. 25 shows two men entering the Swap $hop, located in the Victoria Terrace shopping plaza near Lawrence Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue.


Toronto police are asking for the public's assistance in locating this female witness in a 2009 armed robbery. (Toronto Police Service)

Police say the two men, one armed with a handgun and the other a baseball bat, ordered the four store employees to the ground but one of them refused.

He was pistol-whipped, kicked, and shot in the stomach, police say. The two robbery suspects fled with money and jewelry.  

Earl said the victim has recovered from the "horrific" attack, but has lasting scars.

"The victim has since healed but lost some partial intestine and a nick to his spine," he said, adding that it was one of the "very few robberies" where a person is shot.

Police have also released an image captured from the security camera that shows a woman who may be witness, or even possibly a person of interest.

The woman was in the store several times in the moments leading up to the robbery, and at one point walked right past the two suspects.

Police are asking anyone that recognizes the woman to come forward.