A Toronto police detective says a male suspect who has repeatedly broken into homes in Etobicoke and allegedly committed a string of sexual assaults is "out of society’s control" and urgently needs to be arrested.

Det. Const. Thomas Ueberholz said that the suspect is entering homes in the middle of the night, grabbing cash and small items he can carry with him on his way out. Most disturbingly, police say he is sometimes preying upon the people inside the homes he is targeting.


Toronto police have released an image of the suspect in a series of break-ins and sexual assaults that have occurred in Etobicoke. (Toronto Police Service)

"He is breaking into homes, he is removing property and in some cases, he is sexually assaulting victims," Ueberholz told a news conference.

Police have been working the case since last September, after the suspect broke into homes and in some cases, committed sexual assaults.

At the news conference, Ueberholz referenced a series of six assaults that occurred last Sept. 18, which then prompted intensive police patrols for the suspect.

With four additional break-ins and a sexual assault that occurred in the Berry Road and Park Lawn Road area last Sunday now linked to the same suspect, Ueberholz said police are seeking to stop him as soon as they can.

"We just want to bring him in," Ueberholz said.

Ueberholz said the suspect is a dark- or potentially olive-skinned male with a thin build, who is believed to be five-foot-eight to six feet tall. He has used a "makeshift mask" to obscure his identity.

Police released an image on Wednesday of the suspect.

The suspect is presumed to be young, though Ueberholz said police believe he could be anywhere from his late teens to a 30-year-old man.

Ueberholz said the suspect has demonstrated athleticism in committing his crimes and making his escape. The detective said the suspect has jumped over railings and fences in some cases.

Anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at 416-808-7474, or to call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477.