Toronto police say another arrest has been made in the sprawling Project Traveller investigation, which has already led to charges against more than 40 people.

A week ago, police conducted dozens of raids that they say targeted a criminal organization — a street gang known as the Dixon City Bloods or Dixon Goonies — that had allegedly trafficked drugs and brought guns into Canada.

The raids followed a year-long investigation. Police say the group under investigation had links to Toronto and its surrounding areas, Windsor, Ont., and Alberta.

Prior to Thursday, police had already reported that more than 40 people had been arrested and charged, over half of whom reside in the Greater Toronto Area. More than 20 people face charges of participating in a criminal organization.

On Thursday, a news release said that police had made "a further arrest" of a 21-year-old Barrie, Ont., man who faces eight weapon- and firearm-related charges.

Police say they are still seeking eight suspects on charges stemming from Project Traveller.