An investigation into a shooting that claimed the lives of two teenagers in northwest Toronto is stalling and police say they need people to "step up" for their investigation to move forward.

Toronto police Det.-Sgt. Terry Browne spoke to reporters Wednesday to offer an update on the investigation into the deaths of Kwame Duodu and O’She Doyles-Whyte.


Toronto police say three males were seen fleeing the scene of a double homicide on bicycles. The bikes were later recovered, including the black one shown above. (Toronto Police Service)

Duodu, 15, and Doyles-Whyte, 16, died after being shot outside a housing complex on Aug. 23.

Three people were seen leaving the scene on bicycles. Police later found those bicycles, but did not reveal what they looked like until Wednesday.

Browne said that police didn't want to take this step, but have been forced to do so because they need to obtain key information to close the case.

"The investigation right now is not advancing to a level that I had hoped for," Browne said.

The detective said investigators hope to hear from the people who own the bikes, or from people who saw them being used before the homicide, or on the day the teenagers were killed.


The blue bike shown above is one of three bicycles recovered after a double shooting took place in Toronto on Aug. 23. (Toronto Police Service)

"I've indicated all along there were three people involved in this shooting," Browne said.

"I still believe to this date that there is only one shooter and two other individuals that were along with the shooter."

Browne said police would like to hear from these two people who were with the shooter "to see what role if any they played in this."

He also said that people living within the community have been talking about a specific individual believed to be responsible for the shooting.


Toronto police want to find out who owns the green bike shown above, as well as two others found after a double homicide in the city's northwest region. (Toronto Police Services)

"As an investigator, I can tell you that this provides us with a direction on where to focus our investigation, however, to be able to advance this investigation and ultimately be in a position to arrest and charge those involved, we require community participation," Browne said.

Browne said the police want to hear from witnesses who saw the incident, or observed specific people on these bikes either fleeing the scene of the double homicide or arriving there.

"I am quite confident there are people within that immediate community that have vital information that can advance this investigation," Browne said.