The owner of a bakery in Kensington Market has been charged with selling illegal booze that police are calling moonshine.

David Tavares, 58, owner of La Rosa's Bakery on Augusta Avenue, is facing four charges under Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act. Police say undercover officers were able to buy illegally produced alcohol from the bakery.

John Waites works as an outreach worker with native men, many of them homeless. He told CBC News he has seen a number of clients in the Kensington Market area suffering from health problems after drinking illegally-made booze.

"We didn’t hear really good things about it," said Waites. "They were having one shot and they were blacking out. So it was quite potent."

Toronto Police Det.-Sgt. Brian Kelly said the booze was sold out of the bakery to undercover officers.  

"It was being sold in a cup. You could also purchase it in the form of a bottle or I think the most common way was with coffee," Kelly told CBC News.

Police say they confiscated four litres of illegal alcohol from La Rosa's, as well as some beer and $800 in cash.

Police still don’t know where the booze was being brewed.

News of the bust at La Rosa's surprised Troy Hayward, owner of Fada Scooters located just a few doors away.

"I didn’t think it would happen there," he said. "It’s a nice little bakery. Great food. I go there two, three times a week. I pick up a sandwich, homemade pizza."