Toronto police are warning residents about the discovery of a "fraud lab" after an investigation into several mail and identity thefts at local Money Marts in Toronto. 

Police say they found a number of items and computers at a lab in the Bloor Street East and Parliament Street area. 

Investigators say the items that can be found in these types of labs include: 

  • financial statements, bank documents and cheques stolen from the mail
  • fake driver's licences generated and created in the victims' names
  • fake bank statements generated
  • fake SIN cards
  • fake government identification
  • bills and tenancy documentation stolen from the mail
  • pay cheques, blank cheques and direct deposit statements
  • student loan documents and bank loan documents
  • T4 slips, tax returns and medical documents

Toronto police display computers and other pieces of technology discovered at at 'fraud lab.' (Toronto Police Service)

Mail theft has become an issue in the GTA and The Beach neighbourhood in Toronto is one of the targets, according to police. 

Police are encouraging people to "protect your mail" by shredding any mail or documents that have personal information on them before disposal.