Harish Karan cannot quite say what he was thinking when he saw a gun for the first time on Wednesday night.

He can only go by what the security footage shows him — a scene of a husky man in a Domino's Pizza uniform hurling himself at a robber the moment his back was turned.

"I was just waiting for a chance," Karan said Thursday. "Acting on instinct."

Moments later, the video shows three of Karan's colleagues joining in the tackle, one wrestling what appears to be an automatic weapon from the would-be robber.

4 Domino's Pizza employees wrestle a gunman to the ground0:45

While Karan and his colleagues seemed only proud of themselves, Toronto police say that no one should ever try to fight someone who is armed, unless it's a case of life and death.

"Let's face it, we're just talking about money in a store that's insured," Const. David Hopkinson said. "Had they not gotten hold of the gun and someone had been shot, we'd be talking about how completely senseless this was."

Police arrived at the Kingston Road pizza shop around 9:10 p.m. Wednesday, finding the assailant on the ground — held there by the group of employees.

A man in his 30s appeared in court Thursday charged with attempted robbery and several weapons-related offences.  

Neither Karan nor any of the others in the video have any training in dealing with someone who was armed, they all told CBC Toronto.

The store's manager, Shiva Bugga, said perhaps such a course would be useful.

But he said he was very proud of his employees, "their courage" and their quick thinking.

With files from Nicholas Boisvert