Patrick Brown emerged for the first time on social media Tuesday afternoon since his departure as leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives over sexual misconduct allegations, tweeting that "the truth will come out."

Brown's statement on Twitter comes as the party scrambles to find his successor, holding a leadership vote just six weeks from now. 

"I am immensely grateful for all the support expressed to my family and myself," Brown wrote.

"#MeToo can be a tool to lift society and I applaud that effort. False allegations however undermine that good work. The truth will come out. Thank you to all," he wrote. 

Brown resigned early on Jan. 25 following allegations of sexual misconduct by two women. The accusations, which have not been proven in court, were made public on Jan. 24.

Brown called a news conference just before 10 p.m. that night where he denied the allegations, calling them "categorically untrue." Then, only hours later, he stepped down, roiling the Progressive Conservative party ahead of the June provincial election.