Patrick Brown is blasting CTV News saying, "You lied. You defamed me," in a Facebook post on Wednesday after the broadcaster reported one of the women who accused him of sexual misconduct wasn't under the legal drinking age at the time or in high school at the time of the alleged incident. 

Brown stepped down as leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives on Jan. 25, a day after he was accused of sexual misconduct by two women with the allegations dating back to when he was a federal MP. CTV News first reported the accusations in a report that did not name the two women who alleged the incidents occurred in his home in Barrie, Ont. 

Since then, Brown has vowed to disprove the allegations. 

CTV News published a story late Tuesday that changed the timeline of the alleged events. One of his accusers now says she was of legal drinking age and not in high school when Brown allegedly asked her to perform oral sex. 

"CTV News fabricated a malicious and false report about me from two anonymous accusers," Brown wrote. "The significance of this changed story is monumental." 

CBC News has not independently verified the complainant's new versions of the alleged incident.      

The unnamed woman, however, told CBC News in a statement through her lawyer, David Butt, on Wednesday: "I stand firmly by the truth of what I said about Patrick Brown's conduct involving me."

She said "collateral details," such as the timeline difference of a year from what she first recalled, "are not important." 

The woman said she has experienced a barrage of comments on social media that were "demeaning, victim-blaming and woman-hating." As a result, the complainant said she will not be engaging in any more public discussion of the incident. 

She did explain, however, the reason she came forward with the accusations against Brown is because she "wanted to help other women feel safe in coming forward themselves."

"The comments that I have been subjected to ignore altogether the abuse of power by an older sober man over a young intoxicated woman," the statement read. 

Her lawyer echoed this in an interview with CBC News on Wednesday. Butt said while "collateral details" fade over time, the allegations of sexual misconduct remain an integral part of the core story. 

"Ask anyone about an important event in their life, calendar dates are not printed on the bottom of those memories like they are on digital cameras," Butt said.

"We simply tend not to remember in terms of … dates and time. What we remember are key events in relation to more physical elements of our surroundings rather than the concept of time and date."

CTV 'stands by its reporting': spokesperson

Matthew Garrow, spokesperson for Bell Media, also responded to Brown's Facebook post on Wednesday in an email to CBC News.

"CTV News continues to stand by its reporting," Garrow said.

"Patrick Brown's allegations regarding our reporting are false. As we reported once again last night, the two women have reiterated their allegations of sexual misconduct by Patrick Brown." 

Accusers challenged to press charges

Brown also included a message to his accusers in his Facebook post, challenging them to go to police in Barrie, Ont., and try to have authorities press charges.

"If you truly stand by your allegations, then I urge you to contact Barrie police and have them lay charges. Barrie police can be reached at 705-725-7025. These types of allegations should be dealt with in a proper and fair forum," he said.

Butt told CBC News his client, one of the women, has no intention of going to police and doesn't intend to press charges.  

"By daring my client to go to the police, Mr. Brown destroys the credibility of his self-proclaimed support for women who have suffered sexual mistreatment," he said in a statement. 

"No one with a contemporary understanding of the dynamics of sexual victimization and its aftermath would be so insensitive and patriarchal as to try to dictate to a survivor what her healing path should be, much less goad her."

'By daring my client to go to the police, Mr. Brown destroys the credibility of his self-proclaimed support for women who have suffered sexual mistreatment.' - David Butt, lawyer

Brown told reporters last month the allegations against him are false and were difficult to hear. 

"It's never OK for anyone to feel they have been a victim of sexual harassment or feel threatened in any way," he said.

"A safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve, and no one knows that more than I do, I've got two younger sisters who are my best friends."  

Brown, who had already strongly denied the allegations, said over the weekend in his first interview since resigning from his position that he's contemplating legal action to restore his reputation. 

CBC News has reached out to Brown about his Facebook post, but hasn't received a response. 

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown's resignation over allegations of sexual misconduct has left the Ontario PC party scrambling to quickly select a new leader before the provincial election in June. (CBC)

Brown's resignation as leader of the Official Opposition triggered the Ontario PC leadership contest months before the provincial election in June. 

Christine Elliott, Caroline Mulroney and Doug Ford have all announced their intention to seek the party's leadership. Tory members will decide on the new face of the party on March 10.  

While he is no longer head of the Ontario PCs, Brown remains the MPP for Simcoe North and is still officially a member of the PC caucus. 

With files from Meagan Fitzpatrick and Mike Crawley