The partial remains of a newborn child have been found among debris in a water drain at Toronto's Heathrow Park.

A city worker called police at 9:22 a.m. regarding the discovery at the park near Jane Street and Wilson Avenue.

Police on the scene at Heathrow Park

This west-end park is the focal point of a police investigation after a city worker found the remains of a newborn on Monday morning. (Marley Parker/CBC)

Police later confirmed that the remains were the lower half of a child's body.

On Monday afternoon, Toronto police Det. Nick Nei told reporters that crews had cleaned out the drain on a previous occasion within the past two weeks.

A search continues for the rest of the remains.

Police said community members may recall seeing a pregnant woman, or parents with a child who is no longer present.

"Right now, we're just trying to connect everything together and get some answers," he said.

Nei said anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at 31 Division at 416-808-3100.