Some parking infractions in Toronto will cost you more starting Thursday

In a bid to relieve the traffic congestion choking Toronto roads, the city is raising fines for four parking offences this week by as much as $110.

The city is trying reduce traffic congestion by raising fines for several parking offences

Get ready to pay much higher fines starting today for blocking high-occupancy lanes, double parking, blocking sidewalks and stopping in a TTC zone. (Linda Ward/CBC)

In a bid to relieve the traffic congestion choking Toronto roads, the city is raising fines for four parking offences this week by as much as $110.

Right now, drivers who get caught blocking a sidewalk, parking in a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, double parking or stopping in a TTC zone could get at a ticket for between $40 and $60.  

Starting Thursday, the fine for those offences goes up to $150.

"By attaching a real price to blocking lanes of traffic with illegal parking, we will reduce congestion," Mayor John Tory said Tuesday in a news release announcing the changes. 

Increased enforcement of illegal parking is one element of Tory's six-point plan to cut traffic congestion. That plan was introduced last year.

"This is just one more step that we are taking to keep Toronto moving and keep pedestrians safe," Tory said in the release.


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