A Toronto man whose pet cobra escaped,forcing the evacuation of a west-endrooming house, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of mischief and creating a common nuisance,a local newspaper says.

City and zoo officials were called to the semi-detachedhouse nearly five months ago when Helder Claro's Egyptian cobra got loose and slithered into the other half of the building.

The entire building has been sealed off and tenants banned from returning until the two-metre-long deadly snake is found dead or alive.

The snake is believed to be living inside the walls.

The court heard Wednesday that Claro's co-workersat a bakery discovered anotherEgyptian cobrain a plastic container in the man's locker when they were cleaning it out, according to the Toronto Star.

Officials also found another poisonous snake in his apartment, as well as a dog, bird,green frog and lizards.

Claro is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.