Overnight car break-in caught entirely on owner's security camera

Working in the cover of darkness, car break-in suspects are difficult to catch, but the break-in of one luxury car parked in the driveway of a home was caught in its entirety on one Toronto home owner's security camera.

The incident occurred just before 4 a.m. Thursday at a home at Avenue Road and Highway 401

You don't often see criminals who break into cars caught in the act, but one break-in was caught on video from beginning to end thanks to a Toronto home owner's security camera.

The incident occurred just before 4 a.m. Thursday at a home at Avenue Road and Highway 401, according to the car's owner, Andrew Revai.

In the video, captured on one of Revai's home security cameras, the thief is seen with his face partially covered approaching a Mercedes from a truck parked on the road.

Within seconds he artfully removes the car's front right-side window and tosses it to the ground. He then reaches into the front seat and rummages through the car -- all without triggering an alarm. 

Looking around him with a flashlight in hand, he unlocks the back door.

That sets off the alarm. But astoundingly, the thief continues searching through the back seat before running back to his truck with some items in his hand.

Revai told CBC News he installed numerous cameras on his house after another home in the area was broken into six years ago.

He says he told police he has a USB key with all of the video and was told to file a report online.

The photos below show what Revai woke up to in the morning.

The front right-side of Andrew Revai's Mercedes is seen here with its window removed. (Andrew Revai)
Within seconds the suspect artfully removed the car's front right-side window and tossed it to the ground. (Andrew Revai)