Ontario's provincial police force now has a Twitter account. ((Steve Martin/Canadian Press))

The Ontario Provincial Police force is the latest police agency to join the social media movement by opening a Twitter account.

Police forces in several Canadian cities, including Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, along with the RCMP, have Twitter accounts.

The Ontario force says its account will include news releases and other messages.

Some Canadian police forces have already used social network sites to help catch suspects.

Many have used YouTube to show crime scene surveillance tapes or to broadcast appeals to suspects to turn themselves in.

Last summer, Toronto police reportedly used Twitter to monitor chatter from Tamil protesters who shut down a major highway.

A U.S. social media consultant visited Canada last year to teach police how to make better use of social networking sites to fight crime, including setting up fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter to track sexual predators and gang members.

Lauri Stevens told CBC News during her visit that police "make connections that way [and] get inside that world, and go from there."