Ontario's new website aiming tofind deadbeat parents looksmuch like a list of wanted posters— except most photos appear to be cropped out of family pictures from happier times.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services launched the website www.goodparentspay.com Monday, less than a month after announcing its latest effort tofind parents who owe outstandingchild support.

"Good parents pay child support. For those who don't, we want to make things very clear: we will find you and we will make sure your children get the support they deserve," said Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur in a news release Monday.

Each profile of a deadbeat parent featuresa name, photo, physical description, last known location and the person's usual occupation.

Readers can then anonymously submit information on the websiteif they know the person's whereabouts.

Only 18 men are currently featured on the site and the number won't rise much beyond that.

The site will show up to 25 profiles ata time, for either three monthsor until the person has been found.

Ontario's Family Responsibility Office has more than 180,000 active cases of deadbeat parents with more than $1 billion owing in child support.

To be featured, the parent must have not paid child supportfor the past six months. The Family Responsibility Office must alsohave exhausted all ways offinding the person.