Ontario wants Ottawa to use the federal budget to help fund green energy projects like solar panels.

Ontario is asking the federal Conservative government to use next month's budget to fund green energy projects in the province.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says if Ottawa is going to provide financial support for unproven technologies to capture carbon emissions in Western Canada, it should also support green energy initiatives.

McGuinty says he's not passing judgment on the merit of the science associated with carbon capture, but adds wind turbines and solar panels are proven technologies and deserve federal support.

He says the federal Conservatives should "provide comparable levels of financial support for things that we know in fact work."

McGuinty says the province will review the impact of its Green Energy Act on struggling towns in northern Ontario, where there are fears more industries could close because of rising electricity prices.

And he says there will be opportunities for people in northern communities to help build new transmission lines.