PC Leader Tim Hudak touts party's economic plan after election call

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he thinks NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said no to the Liberal government's 2014 budget only because unions told her to.

Kathleen Wynne calls for June 12 election after PCs, New Democrats refuse to support budget

Ontario Conservative Party leader touts his party's 'million jobs plan' after criticizing the NDP and Liberals for not having a plan to lead the province 7:59

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said he thinks NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said no to the Liberal government's 2014 budget only because unions told her to. 

Horwath said early Friday she would not support the budget because she had lost confidence in Kathleen Wynne's minority Liberals. That afternoon, a provincial election was set for June 12, following dissolution of the Legislature. 

"I don't believe what Ms. Horwath said today," Hudak said at a Friday afternoon news conference in Ottawa. "I think the only reason [the NDP] finally said no to the Liberals — after they did it for two years, despite the gas plant and other scandals — is because the big government unions told her to do this. They're the ones that pull the strings of the NDP.

"And quite frankly, any province run by big government union bosses will end up deep in debt." 

Hudak said the Conservatives and his "million jobs" economic plan is the right course for the province. 

"I've got a laser-like focus on job creation," Hudak said. 

Hudak called the New Democrats hypocritical for taking so long to decide to defeat the Liberals, something he says they should have done at least a year ago. He had already announced that the PCs would not support the budget. 

Following the tabling of the budget, Hudak told reporters that it was merely "a series of promises," without a plan to create jobs.