Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne says her duty is to Ontario, even if it means going up against Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Wynne took more swipes at Harper today during a campaign swing through Ottawa, saying the prime minister is ignoring Ontario.

She previously challenged the prime minister about pension plans — saying if Ottawa wasn't going to improve Ontarians' pensions, then he should step out of the way and let Ontario do that itself.

Wynne added today that Harper has cut federal transfer money to the province, is ignoring a growing retirement crisis and hasn't said much about developing northern Ontario's Ring of Fire mining development.

But the provincial Tories say Wynne is just trying to change the channel from her own government's spending scandals and fiscal mismanagement, namely with regard to the gas plants scandal.

Wynne says she's already faced down questions about the gas plants — "I think a million," she says — in the legislature.

Amid the questions on the gas plants, Wynne stays on message on pensions. She says pensions are something that both former PC Ontario premier Mike Harris and Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien could agree on, so she doesn't see why there is an impasse today.

With files from Canadian Press