The Ontario Liberals have their Windsor-Tecumseh candidate in the upcoming provincial election.

Restaurant owner Jason Dupuis was announced at an event Wednesday night.

Teresa Piruzza, running for re-election in Windsor West, was joined at the event by LaSalle town councillor Crystal Meloche, who is running in Essex.

"I'm honoured and excited to be running alongside Teresa and Crystal tonight. They're both great leaders and great advocates in our community," Dupuis said.

"We will bring people together. We will build this province," Piruzza said.

Piruzza pledged that eventually the province would expand high speed rail to Windsor and brushed off concerns about the parkway project.

"This is a major project, and it absolutely is safe and is a priority for our government," Piruzza said of the parkway.

The three candidates got a boost from former finance minister and Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Dwight Duncan, who choked back tears comparing Piruzza to the late Herb Gray.

"Teresa Piruzza is the kind of representative Herb Gray was; hard-working, dedicated, smart," Duncan said.

Duncan said later he predicts a Liberal majority win on June 12.