Bill Mauro sees 'significant holes' in NDP, PC platforms

Incumbent Liberal MPP Bill Mauro says his list of accomplishments in Thunder Bay-Atikokan is long and the NDP and PC platforms fall short, during a live debate on CBC's Superior Morning on Monday.

Kozorys critical of Liberal 'hydro empire', Wilson defends PC's jobs plan

Incumbent Liberal Bill Mauro, PC Harold Wilson, NDP Mary Kozorys debated health care and energy policy on CBC's Superior Morning radio show on Monday. (Jody Porter/CBC)

Incumbent Liberal MPP Bill Mauro said his list of accomplishments in Thunder Bay-Atikokan is long and the NDP and PC platforms fall short, during a live debate on CBC's Superior Morning on Monday.

Mauro was joined in studio by NDP candidate Mary Kozorys and the PC's Harold Wilson.

Incumbent Liberal Bill Mauro says he sees "significant holes" in the NDP and PC platforms. (Jody Porter/CBC)

"I truly believe that both Michael Gravelle and I have been able to make and deliver on the advantage of being in government for our constituents," Mauro said.

"The list of accomplishments is long and at the end of the day that's what people look to us to do. We can look to the law school, the Ring of Fire commitment, 1,200 jobs at Bombardier, four-laning highways, angioplasty, [and] two coal plants saved."

The NDP's Mary Kozorys says Ontario can't afford the Liberal's "hydro empire." (Jody Porter/CBC)

Kozorys challenged Mauro's list, particularly in the energy sector and what she called the Liberal "hydro empire...and the explosion of the hydro bureaucracy."

The NDP "would look at consolidating four hydro agencies," she sad. "That in itself cuts the cream of bureaucracy. Also we're looking at capping the salaries of the top hydro executives, something the Liberals have not discussed."

The PC's Harold Wilson says his party wil not cut nurses and doctors, but will eliminate the Local Integrated Health Networks. (Jody Porter/CBC)

Wilson also talked about cutting bureaucracy, but added there's been an "unfortunate misrepresentation" of the PC's plans to reduce the public sector.

"It's probably one of the more vexing things of this whole campaign for me. Twice on the weekend I had nurses telling me that as part of the million jobs plan we're going to be getting rid of nurses," he said.

"Nurses are not going to be cut. That's one of the front line services we need. Bureaucracies within the ministry of health, yes, let's take a look at those."


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