Andrew Olivier

Andrew Olivier was named the Liberal candidate for Sudbury on Thursday night. (Erik White/CBC)

Sudbury Liberals elected Andrew Olivier their provincial election candidate on Thursday night, ending months of campaigning against Elise Idnani and speculation of a star candidate entering the race.

Olivier said he isn’t concerned the other parties already have their campaigns up and running.

"Not at all. A couple of days here and there. I think we made sure we prepared and made sure we can start campaigning right away, because there's not a minute to lose,” he said.

There are still a few blank spots on ballots across the northeastern Ontario. The Liberals have yet to officially announce candidates in Timmins-James Bay or Nipissing, although Sylvie Fontaine — whose father  René was a Liberal cabinet minister in the 1980s — has posted on Facebook she is the candidate in Timmins-James Bay.

The riding’s association president Gaetan Groleau said he feels they're already playing catch-up.

"I see that as a horse race and our horse has been stuck behind the gate."

Until a few days ago, there were no Conservatives named for the Algoma-Manitoulin or Sault Ste. Marie ridings.

Rod Fremlin said he received a phone call this week about being the PC candidate in the Sault — a decade after he mentioned he might be interested. 

"I don't really care how they came about doing it, I'm just glad they did it," said Fremlin, whose campaign is now underway. 

Nipissing University political scientist David Tabachnick said it's tough for parties to find candidates in ridings where victory is unlikely.

"You just pick a warm body,” he said.

Tabachnick said the name of the local candidate doesn't matter, as many voters will think of a party logo or the face of a leader when they mark an X on June 12.