The NDP has launched a new website which it says will help voters calculate how much they could save under a New Democrat government.

The online tool — called the NDP Savings Calculator — is based on party pledges that include taking the provincial portion of the HST off hydro bills, cutting auto insurance rates by 15 per cent and freezing the cost of post-secondary tuition.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says the site was put together because the New Democrats were the only party talking about how "Ontarians are finding it tough to make ends meet."

She says the NDP plan "respects your tax dollars but also makes life more affordable."

Horwath unveiled the new tool in Toronto a day ahead of the televised leader's debate, which she says will help voters get a real sense of what each party has to offer.

Horwath, who is originally from Hamilton, says she's not afraid to bring out the tougher "Steeltown Scrapper" side of her personality in the debate if necessary.