Ontario police to step up liquor inspections

Just as university classes are set to resume, Ontario's police forces say they are going to vigorously enforce the province's liquor laws, looking for underage drinkers and other infringements.

Ontario police forces say they're going to be more vigilant and start regularly inspecting bars and pubs, looking for infractions.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police says the program will be implemented by police services across the province every fall and spring.

Police will focus on key areas of inspection and enforcement: serving minors, intoxication, selling alcohol after hours and overcrowding.

The number of infractions between 2008 to 2011 has been dropping. so police say the surprise inspections are working.

Mainly, according to Tom Mungham the CEO of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, this is an awareness campaign to remind bar and restaurant owners of their responsibilities.

"Our inspectors are out and work well into the early morning hours.  They will go to establishments at four or five in the morning, knock on the doors if there's activity behind the doors, and see what's going on," he said,

Dirk Aumueller, head of security for a Toronto pub, says as long an establishment has the right staff on the job it doesn't have to worry about inspections. 

"Everyone's always looking for that extra drink or to help their friend out who doesn't have ID on them.  You have to remain vigilant and know that the law is on your side and you're protecting your liquor licence — that's your main priority as a bar owner," said Aumueller.    

Police say there's no coincidence that they've chose to start the new round of inspections just as students start returning to university.